Common VOIP Phone Problems that businesses face

Stuttered speech? Garbled Audio? Dropped Call? Network Issues? There are so many call quality issues that can make your business take the wrong turn. Do you experience the same issues at your call center? Well, here is a list of some of the common problems that any VOIP phone Solution user faces.

Are you ready to hit the road to the most common problems of VOIP Phone Solutions? Let us waste no more time and learn more about them to take the rightfully needed actions.

Packet Loss

Remember how VOIP Phone Solutions work? It involves the transfer of audio in small data packets. Each tiny audio snippet measures in milliseconds. They are transmitted over the internet from one person to another. When one set of such data packets are sent from a person but does not reach the other is called packet loss.


The time taken for one packet to reach from one person to another in the call is called latency. Since we are transferring audio, this involves the speed of the sound that is executed by a person on one end.


When the VOIP call is made, the small packets sent from one caller to another can take different routes to transfer the message. And, if they arrive in a haphazard manner, then this can result in garbled audio, people speaking over each other, etc. This is jitter- can also be defined as the fluctuation of the latency of the data packets sent from one end.

Internet Connection

Since VOIP Phone Solutions use the Internet, the call quality also depends upon the bandwidth available. If you do not have enough bandwidth, you will face a degraded quality of the calls made- whether it is an audio call or a video conference with your client.

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